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Can you give me some tips on anal. For the guy and for the girl please. I really wanna try it on my gf and she wants to also she did it once with a guy ALOT smaller than me and she didn't enjoy it, it only lasted like two minutes then she told him to stop. I wanna do it but I don't want her to be uncomfortable and I want it to feel good for us both.

I certainly can! I love anal so hopefully I can help! By the way, extra points to you for caring about your girlfriend’s comfortability!

I’ll write this as a joint advice column (for male and female) with separate additional advice for the male and female. The most important thing to do is to remember that it’s natural but it takes some time to get right so be patient!

Preparation is a must!If you can afford one, then I suggest investing in a Douche.Use 30-60 minutes before sexand don’t eat after using it. It will cleanse and clear the area for safe play, if that isn’t an option then just clean well before hand.

Like any sex, I suggest you start with kissing. Seriously, who doesn’t like kissing!? If you start out by kissing and progressing slowly onto foreplay then the chances are that you will both be more relaxed and it will be a better experience all round. Before and between kissing, talk to each other about it so that you’re both aware of each others feelings, worries, and concerns towards the “upcoming event” which will allow you to comfort each other by reassurance.

Once you have calmed and relaxedyourselves, and are both ready to progress then focus around 15-30 minutes on “anal” foreplay.By this I mean focus on the recipient or “taker” of the penis, but if the "giver" is insistent that they get some too then focus on the giver first.

The reason for this is that the “receiver” may be relaxed enough to comfortably enjoy the anal sex after they have “been relaxed” but has over thought it while trying to please the “giver” making them nervous and tight. You can even try having "regular" foreplay before "anal" foreplay to relax even more. 

Make sure that the receiver is in a position that they are comfortable with before you even attempt foreplay. For beginners I suggest for them to be either laying on their back “spread eagle” so it closely replicates how you would orally pleasure her vagina, or on their knees bent over,which will give you the best access although you may need to spread the cheeks. 

Use your hands as well as your mouth to massage, stimulate, and loosenthe anus. Start by wetting the area by licking, kissing, and (if you’re both comfortable with) spitting. Work in the saliva with your tongue and get it nice and lubricated. Move your thumb in circular rotations on the asshole, varying between clockwise and anti-clockwise.This will cause relaxation which will allow you to move onto "fingering".When you are ready, slowly and gently push the tip of your finger inside and continue with soft circular rotations like before. After a while you will find that you can push deeper inside with ease as the natural lubricants of the anus and the lubrication from spit combine to make for easier access. Continue to use one finger until you are ready to use two, but I don’t suggest using any more fingers as it may distress or hurt the recipient.

For those that have toys, I suggest using something small so that you can test the recipient’s comfort, relaxation, and readiness before the penis is inserted. You may also want to try a session or two using toys only so that you can learn what is right for you both before you start using the penis.

When you are ready to insert the penis I suggest using a silicon or water based lubricant from a reliable retailer. There is no such thing as "enough"so use as much as you need, don’t be sparing!Some people may not need lubricant other than spit but I highly recommend it! Coat both the penis and assholeto make sure that the penis will glide in without catching too much. 

The receiver should assume a position most comfortable for them with an ease of access.I suggest the same positions as used in the foreplayor a position that will have the recipients legs bent at a 90 degree angle.This will allow most people to to gain the optimum amount of pleasure from the experience as it is often the most comfortable.

Remember, this isn’t porn. Be gentle and go slow with the first insertion.Push in your tip with very little pressureso that if it starts hurting too much then you can stop easily and go back to preparation. When you are both comfortable, I suggest leaving the penis inside for a about 30 secondsas far in as possible without it starting to hurt.I recommend this because it will allow the anus to adjustto the penis, and in some cases the penis may start to soften as blood-flow is decreased due to inactivity which may help with the pain factor for the receiver. Once you are both ready, start off slowly,extremely slowly as if you are dipping your toe into a hot bath. Gently and tenderly use shallow and slow movements. This will allow you to reassure, stop, and/or gain comfortability with the activity before getting faster, etc. I suggest you stick to being slow and gentle for the first few timesand/or until you feel ready to advance in speed, roughness, etc.

In short, P.R.A.C.L.E.D:

  • Preparation - Cleansing and Stimulation
  • Relaxation - Be Ready and Comfortable to carry out the activity
  • Appreciation - Understand the Intimacy and Trust given
  • Communication - Talk, Comfort, and Reassure your partner
  • Lubrication - Lots and lots of it!
  • Explore- Find whats best for you 
  • Determination- Fight through pain, be Patient and keep trying

Additional: Girls

Research the topic online and stimulate / experiment with yourself a few times before you try it with your partner.

Additional: Boys

Research online further information and also explore yourself. It isn’t gay and your partner may be able to make your orgasm from anal stimulation.

I hope this helped, if I have missed anything then let me know! 

I love being home alone and naked! Just answering some asks, so start asking!☺️

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Do you reply to all your asks

Yes I do, and thank you for asking because I wanted to clear that up! All your asks are in my inbox and when I have a few minutes spare I try and answer them. If i don’t rep;y to any asks then I either haven’t got around to it or they haven’t appeared! :)



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