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"Here’s the promised submission!" - A.

Wow fuck me, your body is amazing! I’d love to fuck that tight little pussy baby ;)

Almost at 900 followers…

…at 1000 I’ll post nudes. Been pretty busy lately, I’ll answer all your inboxes later tonight!

Anonymous asked:
All I can think about is you fucking me. Bend me over and take me from behind. I wish you were here with me right now to feel how wet I am for you. You're so sexy and I just want you so bad

I’ll grab you by the hair and force you face down to the desk before ripping down your panties and shoving them in your mouth. I’ll spread your legs and lightly slap your pussy to feel how wet you are before ramming my cock deep inside you.

Come off anon and we can make it happen.

Anonymous asked:
I'm horny & want to masturbate but don't want to finger myself?

Well hunny, you could just rub yourself or I could write you a little story, or you could have both! You’d need to come off anon for the story though ;)

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